• IDP is an gene Isoform Detection and Prediction tool
    from Second Generation Sequencing and PacBio sequencing.
    It offers very reliable gene isoform identification
    with high sensitivity

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This tutorial will help you get started with IDP by demonstrating how to identify gene isoforms using PacBio long reads and short mappable short reads of length 50bp. This tutorial will provide two options in data sets. One full sized dataset, for executing a realistic run of the IDP pipeline, and a much smaller example if you want to quickly go through the steps and verify error-free execution. If you experience any problems following these steps, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Please note the requiremed software and data files to run IDP (requirements). For the purpose of the tutorial we will make the required files available to you.
Please note when using your own data, that IDP does not use the output of IsoSeq as long read inputs. The prefered method used by IDP is to use the original long reads error corrcted when appropraite. See (long read generation) for help.

Step 1 - Download and extract the example files

You need to download: