• IDP-fusion is a tool for Isoform Detection and Prediction for Fusion Genes
    from Second Generation Sequencing and PacBio sequencing. It offers very
    reliable gene isoform identification with high sensitivity

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How does IDP-fusion work?

IDP-fusion prefroms isoform/transcript identification by integrating long reads and short reads.

Isoforms from fusion-genes are included in the global analysis.

Relatively short gene isoforms can be detected directly if the full junction linkage can be covered by long reads.

Relatively long gene isoforms are predicted by selecting highly-expressed isoform candidates. Isoform candidates are constructed from long reads and junctions detected by short reads.

Abundance estimation is solved by Max A Posteriori of short read coverage. The priori is emprically approximated by direct-detection rate of transcripts w.r.t abundance and length.

IDP-fusion is geared towards any long reads and short reads, as long as they are generated from the same (at least similar) source. If you are having trouble running IDP, please let us know.