• IDP-fusion is a tool for Isoform Detection and Prediction for Fusion Genes
    from Second Generation Sequencing and PacBio sequencing. It offers very
    reliable gene isoform identification with high sensitivity

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What is IDP?

IDP is a program written entirely in python2.6 that is able to integrate the thrid generation long reads and the second generation short reads to identify gene isoforms.

My genome does not have an extensive EST and mRNA database to build the "allref_annotation_pathfilename" file, may I use the same reference genepred file (ref_annotation_pathfilename) for this file?

Can I concatenate a long read set that has 5' and 3' primer sequences with a set that has been trimmed?

Can I use any aligner I want for my short reads?

Which corrected long read output of LSC do I use as an input for IDP?

[ IDP 0.2.4 ] What is in the folder "output_old"?

"awk" bugs?