• IDP-fusion is a tool for Isoform Detection and Prediction for Fusion Genes
    from Second Generation Sequencing and PacBio sequencing. It offers very
    reliable gene isoform identification with high sensitivity

Latest News: IDP-fusion_20161024 is released read more


Copyright and installation instructions are contained within the package. We strongly recommend that you consult the tutorial before attempting to use IDP.

IDP-fusion 1.1.1 Please see the release notes for more information

IDP-fusion 1.1.1 - Release Notes

We are switching to semantic versioning. This will become 1.1.0 since we add the feature of the fusion report generation being put directly into the output folder as it becomes ready. This version has some updates from the initial release to help avoid segmentation faults during STAR alignment, and numerous fixes to make the behaviour with the user better. An added feature is that the fusion report is automatically generated with the make fusion report script and placed into the output directory at the end of the run.