• IDP-fusion is a tool for Isoform Detection and Prediction for Fusion Genes
    from Second Generation Sequencing and PacBio sequencing. It offers very
    reliable gene isoform identification with high sensitivity

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Getting Started

These steps will help you integrate IDP-fusion into your transcriptomics analysis pipeline.


Characterization of fusion genes and the significantly expressed fusion isoforms in breast cancer by hybrid sequencing.
Weirather, J.*, Afshar, P.T.*, Clark, T., Tseng, E., Powers, L., Underwood, J.G., Zabner, J., Korlach, J., Wong, W.H., Au, K.F.
Nucleic Acids Research. 2015 [Manuscript]
* These authors contributed equally to this work

IDP-fusion pipeline

This fusion-transcriptome is identified by the SpliceMap-LSC-IDP-fusion pipeline.

SpliceMap takes short reads from the Second Generation Sequencing platforms, such as Illumina, to detect exon junctions.

LSC makes use of the high-quality short reads to correct the long reads from PacBio platform. The output is the error-corrected long reads.

IDP-fusion uses the junction detections and the alignment of error-corrected long reads to detect the relatively short isoforms and fusion isforms at full-length and predict the very long isoforms and fusion isoforms by statistical modeling.


Latest News

01-19-2017 - Update to the IDP-fusion code.

This update addresses a number of bugs and troublesome issues with inpput files and segemenation faults when running STAR

10-24-2016 - Update to the IDP-fusion code

This update addresses compatability issues with newer versions STAR and GMAP aligners and other bug fixes.

02-12-2015 - First Upload of IDP-fusion code

This is a the first major release of IDP-fusion, and we will build a set of manuals and tutorials based on this release, then proceed to improve with updates as it becomes helpful to users.